Do you have a favourite game or application you would like to see reviewed on Blowing Up Bits? Have you written a review of an open source program and want to share it with the world? Did you create an open source game and want to announce it to the public? Comments, news, questions, suggestions and complaints can be e-mailed to You can also follow us on Twitter @blowingupbits.

When recommending a game or application for review, please make sure to include the following information:
1. The name of the title
2. The software’s license
3. The project’s website.
4. A link to where the software can be downloaded or the program’s package name if it is packaged in the Debian disribution.

For people writing a review with the hopes of submitting it, please e-mail us with your review in either plain-text or open document format. On a slow day we might accept other document formats, but it is less likely. Please include one screen shot of the software in either PNG or JPEG format, attached as a separate file from the body of your review.

When submitting news or announcements about open source software, please include the following pieces of information:
1. The name of the software.
2. A link to the original announcement, preferably on the project’s website.

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