Simulator Humble Bundle

daemon_penguin This week’s Humble Bundle offers you the chance to pay what you want for a collection of simulators. There are galaxy sims, city building on a topical island, driving simulators and one for cooking. Each game is DRM-free and part of what you pay goes toward charity.

Our excitement for simulation games is borderline unhealthy. Seriously, we love simulators so much we might need a doctor simulator to diagnose us. There is something relaxing about going home after a long day of hauling a truck across Europe. Don’t believe us? Try it! Pay what you want for Universe Sandbox, Cook, Serve, Delicious! and Out of the Park Baseball 14. Pay $6 or more to also get Turbo Dismount and Tropico 4: Steam Special Edition. If you contribute $10 or more, you’ll get everything plus Euro Truck Simulator 2 along with the brand new Fantasy Paint Jobs Pack available exclusively through this bundle.